Blockchain in Government: Show your inner Hacker! On the 13th and 14th of November, What the Hackathon will organize an international blockchain-hackathon called ‘BLINGathon’. The competitors work together in small teams to invent solutions for a wide variety of blockchain related challenges. A Hackathon is time constrained and each team will have 30 hours to find a solution for their…

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The promise of smart contract adoption is held back by crypto silos

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By Dominik Schiener, Coin Telegraph, 3/29/2021 Smart contracts present one the most promising tech solutions for business, but there are still barriers that have to be addressed. The internet is buzzing over recent developments in decentralized finance, or DeFi — smart contracts are hotter than ever. You might think you missed the coronation ceremony, but smart contracts are actually used…

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The Paper Trail of a Container

Globally the process of shipping a container is very similar with efficiencies varying by port. One consistency however, is how often global trade is slowed down by the complexity of communication. In this video produced by Maersk, an illustration of this is provided where there are more than 200 documents involved in every single container shipment. An industrial PhD working…

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