CBP Making Significant Strides Towards Modernization

On today’s COAC call (3/17/2021) CBP highlighted two significant initiatives:  

Legislative Reform

Formally announced formation of a joint industry group – to be called the 21st Century Task Force.  The effort now being launched is to refine the ‘legislative package’ to address all the modernization barriers and eliminate outdated requirements to provide sufficient flexibility to achieve desired automation.  

This is not not unlike other initiatives – such as the e commerce task force, and over the years other programs including importer security filing base upon the principal approach:  transparent, collaborative, aggressively pursuing solutions seeking approaches to bring trade into the 21st century.

Unified Entry Process / Re-Imagined Entry Process (UEP/RIEP) Working Group

Another working group will focus redesigning the entry process.  In light of the emerging technology becoming reality, CBP realizes a process redesign could yield efficiency gains to both Trade and regulatory agencies. 

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