Date: April 7, 2021

Webinar by Chris Floersch, Consultant Trade Customs Logistics and Jens Munch, Head of Global Trade & Supply Chains IOTA Foundation.

From earliest days information is sent bi-laterally, frequently hampered by missing or delayed documents & certifications, leading to significant barriers, fragmented processes, alongside overlooked regulatory requirements – has anything changed?

CBP recently addressed knowledge gap in information sharing models and has advocated a “transformative approach for the future of trade”, yet we may be left wondering: what are some actual programs we can engage near term?

IOTA Foundation—a non-profit developing next generation protocols for the connected world. See interactive demo: Project Atlas Supply Chain DLT. See presentation materials regarding IOTA projects completed to date, current endeavors, and IOTA’s approaches to DLT for Trade and Supply Chain. How does this stuff work? What problem does it solve? How can we learn more about it?

(link to recorded webinar discussion coming soon…)

File Name: Charting-a-Course-for-Trade-and-Digital-Ledger_FTA-Webinar-April-7-2021_FINAL.pdf