Introduction to PGA’s

It can be very difficult to understand what is a ‘PGA’ in context of making a customs entry into the United States. This discussion presents how it works in the real world, and a conversation that should prove helpful if you’re an importer/broker in training, need a refresher, want more perspective, or are responsible for crafting internal procedures impacting operations responsible for declaration compliance.


  • Electronic mandate of 2014 – pushes agencies out of paper
  • ITDS Connection to form a Single Window
  • CSMS Messages an important communication mechanism
  • PGA Process Review: integration with HTS and Customs Entry, resulting process challenges
  • Where to find important communications by agencies
    • Import Guides – published independently
    • PGA Message Sets – integration with CBP
    • CSMS Messages – explain how to implement rules, and more
  • What to look for in the future

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PGA’s Publish CSMS Messages

Can you guess which of our PGA’s has generated the most CSMS messages?

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What % US Imports are Regulated by an Agency Other Than Customs? It’s more than you might think!

Using import data provided by trademo, a data service providing high quality data intelligence, a hi-level analysis of US imports into Los Angeles during Nov / Dec 2021 indicates

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A Conversation About Import Process for Participating Government Agencies in the US

Ever wonder how to master PGA’s? To gain understanding, our video presents discussion of the historical context for US government agencies regulating import declarations into the US, identifies ways to manage PGA’s, learning from process fails, managing broker-importer interface, and what lies ahead for us in the future. Watch the video to enjoy an informative discussion, including agency automation implementation experiences, trade / agency dialogue experiences and more.

Conversation hosted by 3rd Wave – The Next-Generation Supply Chain Platform

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