See IOTA’s latest efforts to create an international supply chain solution using digital ledger technology (DLT).

According to IOTA ATLAS website, the Reference Architecture aims at improving the efficiency, transparency, interoperability and trust of international trade by means of digitalization of processes using Digital Twins and decentralized technologies. The Reference Architecture, Reference Governance Model, open APIs and standard formats underpin ATLAS. While primarily focused on B2G and G2G processes, ATLAS also pursues seamless integration with private sector platforms. The ATLAS Reference Architecture is structured around three different viewpoints:

The Technology / Platform Viewpoint focused on functional decomposition of the system into components which interact in the context of a decentralised architecture. At this viewpoint different planes appear: Application, Core ATLAS, Business Platform, DLT and ID.

The Business / Stakeholder Viewpoint describes the role and functionality provided by different stakeholders and/or its functional decomposition. ATLAS aims at integrating with existing IT infrastructure following the principle of Data at the source.

The Information Viewpoint, which focuses on the semantics of the information and the structure and content type of the linked data supporting Digital Twins.

ATLAS Certificate of Origin Video

ATLAS – Certificate of Origin Challenge – this video is a summary of IOTA’s response to the Certificate of Origin Challenge organized by PORTNET (Morocco).

ATLAS Presentation


Digital Identity in Trade

In the international trade business domain Digital identity is a critical aspect to ensure authenticity, accountability, non-repudiation, and integrity of the shared information. The World Economic Forum and the W3C recommends the usage of Decentralized Identities (DIDs). A DID is a new type of identifier that is globally unique, resolvable with high availability, and cryptographically verifiable. DIDs are typically associated with cryptographic material, such as public keys, and service endpoints, for establishing secure communication channels. See ATLAS site here for important details.

Explore the Demonstration

Individuals are able to engage the program directly through a demonstration. See ATLAS site link here. Note user credentials at the bottom of the page for use in the demonstration – select one, and take a test run for any preferred role through Launch Demo button.

Participate to Consider Further

If you are interested in participating in a proof of concept and / or pilot exercise to explore this technology and application to the supply chain upon imports into / exports out of the United States, please contact us here at Trade Customs Logistics.