Learning Materials

An incredibly informative four to five -week learning circle on the future of cooperation is undertaken by @Holger / Phylo [IF]#2233 (discord), Community Manager @ IOTA Foundation with support from @Antonio Nardella [IF] – #49. “Just DAO it!” Holger / Philo says, indicating “We took inspiration from Stephen Reid (@daoist321) How to DAO course, but harmonized content and adjusted it to the needs of our IOTA community.” The discord group IOTA DAO Pioneers is formed, and very engaging dialogue ensued over the amazing opportunities afforded through DAO organizations.

Following are several learning session materials, helpful references, and highlights of the dialogue occurring in this incredible learning opportunity.

DAO Kickoff Meeting

The recording of our DAO Pioneers learning circle Kick-off meeting.<br>We introduce the concept, visions, and goals for the coming weeks.

Holger / Phylo [IF] — 10/31/2021
Planned learning structure so far:

Game Theory and Coordination

  • Game theory & coordination failure
  • The evolution of coordination
  • Smart contracts
  • What is a DAO?
  • Why DAOs – what problems do they solve?
  • An overview of the DAO space
  • Structure of DAOs

Voting Theory

  • Coin voting
  • Proof of personhood
  • Quadratic voting
  • Vote delegation / liquid democracy
  • Conviction voting
  • Beyond coin voting governance
    Governance projects
  • Polkadot
  • Uniswap
    DAO Operating Systems
  • Aragon
  • DAOHaus
  • DAOStack
  • Colony

Recognizing Contribution

  • Sourcecreed
  • Coordinape
  • Collabland
  • Broardroom
  • POAP
  • Guilds
    DAO Tools
  • Snapshot
  • Tally
  • Gnosis / Multisig
  • IOTA DID (edited)


DAO Tools and frameworks – documentation and links of commonly used tools, Github links, Smart contracts etc

DAO recommended article is a list of all kinds of good reads around DAOs

DAO high-level research contains studies, articles, and scientific papers that approach the whole topic from a theoretical, mathematical, statistical, game-theoretical and legal viewpoint

DAO podcasts and videos. A collection of great content from bright minds to listen in and submerge into the space: (edited)